IT Modernization Fund

Former DOT CIO Hildebrand joins Blue Cross and Blue Shield branch

by • 3 years ago

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont has hired the former federal executive to serve as its CIO, following a year-long tenure at DOT.

‘Destinations Digital’ will fund DOT’s IT modernization in-house

by • 4 years ago

“I don’t want any money. I don’t need any money,” said Department of Transportation CIO Vicki Hildebrand. “We have a lot of spend out there. We need to spend more wisely.”

White House budget calls for $210M for IT modernization fund

by • 4 years ago

As expected, President Donald Trump's fiscal 2019 budget proposes increased spending for IT at federal agencies, including for a central modernization fund.

White House pledges support to spending bill without Tech Modernization Fund

by • 5 years ago

The legislation would get the president's signature even though it "does not include $228 million requested for the TMF to retire and replace antiquated legacy information technology (IT) systems."

U.S. CIO Graves: The DATA Act will help support IT modernization

by • 5 years ago

The log of federal spending will help agencies make a "cogent business case" for modernization funds, Margie Graves said.

Think of the Tech Modernization Fund as seed money, GSA head says

by • 5 years ago

"The government spends $80 billion a year on IT and most of that investment is for maintenance on outdate systems," Tim Horne said. "So $228 million is a way to ... start chipping away."