IT Modernization in Government

A smarter way to improve network visibility and performance

by • 2 months ago

Technology experts point to the benefits of converging network and security operations centers to improve data sharing and response.

Open hybrid cloud platforms played key role as agencies adapted to new normal

by • 3 months ago

IBM’s Center for the Business of Government chief Dan Chenok highlights how agencies were able to fast-track their IT plans in the face of the pandemic.

Keeping agencies operational when natural disaster strikes

by • 3 months ago

The last thing agencies can afford during natural disasters is for communications to go down, but many agencies have yet to adequately diversify their networks.

How open, hybrid cloud platforms help agencies better prepare for the unexpected

by • 4 months ago

IBM’s head of federal services explores what helped agencies accelerate rapid technology adoption and the opportunities for building on those gains.

Why agencies see edge computing on the IT horizon

by • 5 months ago

U.S. Customs and Border Protection director Ed Mays and Dell Technologies’ John Garrett discuss what’s driving the need for increased edge computing resources.

Using AI to augment public health services

by • 6 months ago

Out of the COVID-19 pandemic, key use cases are showing the effectiveness of AI tools to speed the ability for agencies to respond to public crisis, says Google executive.