IT modernization summit

HP’s Tommy Gardner talks about the history of IT modernization

by • 4 years ago

Gardner discusses the evolution of technology in government.

Okta’s Mark Settle discusses cloud, modernization and more

by • 4 years ago

Settle explains the environment around IT modernization in government.

IBM’s Michael Schwartz and Lauren Craig talk modernization

by • 4 years ago

The executives discuss the White House's modernization plans and more.

Deloitte’s Doug Bourgeois talks about federal alignment for IT modernization

by • 4 years ago

Bourgeois said he's never seen people so excited for IT in Washington, D.C.

CenturyLink’s Dave Young analyzes federal IT efforts

by • 4 years ago

Young discusses federal IT modernization plans and more.

Cloudera’s Dave Shuman recaps the White House’s IT modernization plan

by • 4 years ago

Shuman talks about ongoing IT modernization in the federal government and more.