James Comey

FBI’s Comey defends taking battle with Apple to court, not Congress

by • 6 years ago

The answer to the very poignant and nuanced question about how to balance between privacy and national security in the digital age in the United States should come from Congress, members of the House Judiciary Committee argued Tuesday.

Harvard: Feds not really ‘going dark’

by • 7 years ago

There’s no need to panic about strong encryption, argue experts from the university.

Low salaries, background checks hinder FBI’s cybersecurity recruitment

by • 7 years ago

The FBI cannot compete with the private sector when it comes to attracting top cybersecurity talent, according to a new FBI OIG report.

Social media and the crowdsourcing of terror

by • 7 years ago

Homeland security officials want to see the likes of Twitter and Facebook do more to report and delete terrorist accounts.