Jennifer Pahlka

DIB wants Pentagon to hire a ‘digital people officer’ for tech recruitment

by • 2 years ago

The new role would be in charge of recruiting talented people with technical backgrounds to the DOD and making sure they stick around for a while.

Code for America’s Pahlka debunks govtech myths, takes on Oracle at SXSW

by • 4 years ago

Government “absolutely” will still work with vendors, she said. “They just need a different set of rules."

Defense Innovation Board narrows focus on culture change at DoD

by • 5 years ago

Four "porto-recommendations" unveiled at a meeting on Tuesday center around skills and talent and empowering talent.

GovTech startups association? The ‘devil [is] in the detail’

by • 6 years ago

Jennifer Pahlka, founder of Code for America, suggested someone start an association for "Gov 2.0" startups. How hard would that be?