Jeremy Grant

CFO’s role in agency real estate planning; Identity management platforms in government


Former IRS CFO Dave Mader; former senior executive advisor for National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace at NIST Jeremy Grant.

Why moving away from one-time SMS passwords is a good thing


Don't panic. That's the message from the U.S. government's former czar for secure online identity about the feds' recent move toward phasing out SMS-based one-time passwords as a second-factor ID.

18F’s plan for a single government login comes under fire


The plans of the General Services Administration’s digital tiger team, 18F, to build a single online sign-in interface through which Americans can log on to digital government services are over-reaching, duplicative and out of sync with existing administration policy, according to critics.

Government scientists ask for comments on online privacy ‘cookbook’


Government scientists are seeking public comment on a technical white paper they’ve drawn up to help the private sector ensure that more secure logins for online accounts are also more private.

Cloud-based identity management on the rise, but not for all


The redundancy of carrying a personal identification verification card when most everyone has a smartphone could push identity management toward the cloud and PIVs toward ​obsolescence. But not all of government is so ready to rely on the cloud.