Joel Gurin

Needed to fight COVID-19: A program for data on social determinants of health


While recent pandemic data models have been valuable, most of them have left out a critical component: the impact of social context on illness and its relevance to COVID-19.

How federal agencies can use agile development to apply open data


The Center for Open Data Enterprise published a report on The Opportunity Project and the lessons of its success.

HHS roundtable highlights priorities for applying data to the opioid crisis


Joel Gurin and Katarin Rebello of CODE highlight the key findings of a recent HHS roundtable on open data and the opioid crisis.

Leveraging government data: How it’s making a difference


Developing and implementing the Federal Data Strategy will take time and will involve experts and thought leaders from inside and outside the federal government, members of the Center for Open Data Enterprise say in this op-ed.

Why we need a federal data strategy


OMB has launched a new website,, to encourage public comment on the Federal Data Strategy.

Treasury launches a new era for federal spending data


The Center for Open Data Enterprise has published a report on key takeaways from its recent Roundtable on Innovating with Federal Spending Data.