john Morrison

Army to kick off ‘bring your own device’ pilot in coming weeks


The initiative will allow soldiers to plug their personal IT devices into Army networks.

Army to double size of active-duty cyber corps


The authorized strength of the service's Cyber Corps is projected to increase from just over 3,000 personnel today to just over 6,000 by 2030.

The Army’s unified network concept is gaining momentum in 2023 capability builds


The Army's effort to link its tactical and enterprise networks will start with tools in its Capability Set 23.

Army ahead of schedule on email transition, IT leaders say


The Army now has more than half its email accounts on its new Microsoft-based A365 email platform, the CIO said.

Army’s first phase of unified network ’18-24′ months away


Lt. Gen. John Morrison says the Army will need 18-24 months to start on its new Unified Network Plan.

Army looking for tech to help segment data


The Army is looking to industry for tech tools that will help segment data and ensure only the most important information takes up valuable bandwidth.