Kathleen Hicks

Hicks says Pentagon moving too slowly in transitioning DARPA tech to warfighters


The Pentagon needs to get better at transitioning promising capabilities from the lab to the battlefield, Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks said.

FAA evaluates unique laser-blocking eyewear developed by Air Force Research Lab


Lab officials expect first-round assessments from the FAA soon.

Hicks wants more high-level oversight of Pentagon’s JADC2 efforts


A shakeup could be coming soon in the way the Pentagon manages its Joint All-Domain Command and Control efforts.

Hicks says Pentagon has different employment strategy for hypersonics than China, Russia


The weapons are anticipated to provide military advantage in the next era of warfare, prompting a sharp focus and major investments from America, China, Russia and others in recent years. 

Transportation Command developing new dashboard for better data fusion


The Global Mobility Nodal Posture Dashboard is expected provide a quick, real-time view of Transcom's workloads worldwide.

Pentagon issues new awards to universities to work on hypersonics tech


The Defense Department announced several new applied research awards for work on navigation systems, scramjets, velocity and altitude controls, and capabilities for monitoring aeroshells.