Katie Arrington

CMMC rule change ‘undeterred’ by pandemic, with requirements coming soon

by • 2 weeks ago

The DOD's new cyber rules will be in contracts soon. The department is just waiting for final approval from the Office of Management and Budget.

CMMC board faces ‘passionate’ internal turmoil over new contract with DOD

by • 2 weeks ago

More troubles are rising for the implementation of DOD's new cybersecurity standards. It's a program many support, but questions over how it will roll out abound.

CMMC requirements show up in GSA’s STARS III contract

by • 1 month ago

It appears GSA beat DOD to its own punch. CMMC language was put into GSA's $50 billion STARS III IT contract, giving the agency the right to require certifications in the future.

Here’s what’s in the CMMC Accreditation Body’s memo of understanding

by • 2 months ago

Looking for that MOU between the DOD and CMMC AB? Here it is.

CMMC won’t apply to commercial-off-the-shelf suppliers, DOD website shows

by • 3 months ago

DOD officials have long said every single defense contractor will need CMMC certification, but new info says otherwise.

How one RFP is prompting backlash against the new cybersecurity board for defense contractors

by • 3 months ago

An RFP has sparked questions over whether CMMC will work. The request was for a continuous monitoring tool of the industry, but its rushed process raised alarms in the industry.

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