Legacy IT’s costly implications to agency IT and legal teams

by • 1 year ago

As IT leaders push mission services to the cloud, they may be overlooking the burden and cost of legacy e-discovery tools to the pursuit of justice and truth.

D.C. law firm makes new blockchain play

by • 6 years ago

Washington law firm Steptoe and Johnson is launching a major play in the ​blockchain space, expanding its advice and other offerings about the revolutionary new "distributed ledger" technology across all business sectors.

New federal court rules mean bigger legal role for agency IT

by • 6 years ago

A recent update to the code that governs cases going before federal civil court means that e-discovery teams, and the lawyers and IT specialists that comprise them, need to communicate better, experts said.

Patent office emphasizes users in new filing system

by • 7 years ago

CIO John Owens told FedScoop that the agency is eager to receive feedback from intellectual property lawyers and firms.