Let’s Fly Wisely

Air Force seeks companies that are shooting for the sky, not necessarily the moon

by • 7 hours ago

Assistant Secretary Will Roper says the service is looking for big ideas, but not necessarily moonshots.

How agencies can modernize their data warehouse infrastructure

by • 8 hours ago

Not all agency organizations will move to the cloud. Those that still rely on their own data warehouses can benefit from modern solutions for agility and automation capabilities.

CISA’s Krebs: The US will win 5G race because ‘we own the cloud space’

by • 8 hours ago

"Really, when you think about the advantage of 5G, it's all about moving data ... which really translates to cloud," the CISA director says. "And who does cloud better than the United States of America?"

5G will require Air Force to rethink its networks, chief of staff says

by • 9 hours ago

The Air Force is on a mission to make sure its "digital backbone" is ready for any emerging technology to come, says Gen. Charles Q. Brown

State Department deploying SD-WAN with $711M EIS contract to MetTel

by • 10 hours ago

A diverse wide-area network will integrate network connectivity across the department's posts in the U.S., Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Canada.

CBP’s supply chain efforts are screaming for AI

by • 11 hours ago

Blockchain pilots have the agency ingesting more data than ever, data that needs to be analyzed faster to validate security.

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