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Army awards Lockheed next phase of critical cyber, EW and intel platform

by • 4 weeks ago

Lockheed was awarded $58 million for the next phase of the Terrestrial Layer System-Brigade Combat Team, which will provide a prototype to units.

Biden, visiting Javelin missile factory, urges Congress to pass CHIPS semiconductor funding

by • 3 months ago

The CHIPS Act is intended to boost domestic production of semiconductors that are critical for U.S. military systems and a wide variety of commercial products.

Defense contractors see internal investments as path to demonstrating their JADC2 prowess

by • 4 months ago

Companies plan to use IRAD funding to demonstrate JADC2 capabilities.

Navy airborne electronic attack system also capable of delivering cyber effects

by • 4 months ago

The Navy's Advanced Off-Board Electronic Warfare system also has cyber capabilities.

The Air Force is 3D printing replacement pieces for the F-22

by • 4 years ago

A first-of-its-kind part, installed in December, could be the first of many.

Maria Demaree

by • 4 years ago

VP, Mission Systems and Solutions, Lockheed Martin Space