Marine Corps

Marines piloting 5G to improve warehouse logistics

by • 2 months ago

In another new 5G test case, a Marine Corps base in Georgia is hoping to find ways to enhance warehouse logistics with faster networks.

DHS hires Kenneth Bible as CISO

by • 4 months ago

Paul Beckman was the last official to hold the role before he left DHS last February to take a CISO job in the private sector.

COVID-19 has shifted the Navy’s modernization priorities to the cloud

by • 7 months ago

"We have to look at how do we drive forward given where we're at," CIO Aaron Weis said. "And so because of that reality, I believe the next step ... is to shift to cloud."

How a small group of Marines is advancing modernization with coding

by • 7 months ago

The Marine Corps needs every manhour it can get. So a small group of Marines have come together to use software to make the corps more effective.

JAIC gets new director after Senate confirmation

by • 7 months ago

Lt. Gen. Michael Groen's confirmation comes with a promotion to major general. He'll have important oversight of how the Pentagon fields AI technologies.

Navy moving to single-tenant Microsoft 365 cloud environments

by • 8 months ago

The Department of Navy will have two dedicated Microsoft 365 cloud environments — one for the Navy and one for the Marine Corps.