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Senate passes bill to crack down on conflicts of interest in federal contracting´┐╝


The bill sets new federal contracting disclosure requirements and expands authorities for federal contracting officers.

White House nominates Biniam Gebre as chief of federal procurement policy


The role was most recently held by Michael Wooten under the Trump administration.

The VA improved public trust by 25% and other agencies can too


In this op-ed, former VA CIO Scott Blackburn describes how the department regained public trust and how other agencies can do the same.

Senate bill would offer government-matched funds to reskill for AI, automation


A new Senate bill is calling for the creation of employer-funded savings accounts to help reskill their workforces.

Congress to Pentagon: What happened to the IT savings ideas?


Years after a Defense Business Board task force estimated the Pentagon could save $5 billion to $9 billion by fiscal 2020 through IT optimization, some members of Congress are asking what the Pentagon has actually done with that information.