Michael Daniel

Former U.S. officials call for transparency in cybersecurity of 2020 census

by • 4 years ago

Nearly a dozen officials write that Americans deserve to know that the systems and technical protocols the Census Bureau is employing to collect and store information about them are not putting that information at risk.

Bill would turn government’s vulnerabilities equities process into law

by • 5 years ago

There’s a bill in the works that would codify the U.S. government’s vulnerabilities equities process into law.

J. Michael Daniel, Obama’s cybersecurity czar, to head industry nonprofit

by • 6 years ago

Michael Daniel, the career federal official who served as White House cybersecurity coordinator under President Barack Obama, will helm a nonprofit alliance founded by cybersecurity giants to better share information about cybercrime and other threats.

Policy tied Obama’s hands in cyberspace, says White House Cybersecurity Coordinator

by • 6 years ago

"The relationship that we want to have with industry, and the private sector, it's weird! What is it?" asked Michael Daniel.

Greg Touhill named first federal CISO

by • 6 years ago

Grant Schneider was also tapped to serve as acting deputy chief information security officer.

Former White House cyber director: Expect another Shadow Brokers incident

by • 6 years ago

Another Shadow Brokers-like incident — in which unprecedented, older software vulnerabilities are indiscriminately posted online for everyone to see — should be expected in the “near future,” said former White House National Security Council Senior Director for Cybersecurity Ari Schwartz.