Microsoft Azure

Meeting data and cloud security requirements with a modern analytics platform

by • 3 months ago

To improve data-led insights on the mission, federal agencies need a secure analytics platform that can federate data across their AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud environments.

Microsoft combines federal team with Azure cloud unit

by • 4 months ago

Chief Commercial Officer Judson Althoff announced the plans Wednesday in an internal email, pointing to the need to better serve the federal market.

Microsoft wins $21B contract to produce 120,000 AR headsets for the Army

by • 10 months ago

Microsoft is now on contract to build and help the Army field 120,000 Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) headsets over the next decade.

NASA sends AI to space with first commercial edge computing system

by • 11 months ago

AI is going to space on a new HPE high-performance commercial computer.

Army looking for ways to coordinate and expand its cloud offerings

by • 1 year ago

An RFI is looking for contractors to manage a range of cloud service offerings and prepare for more cloud space in the future.

Microsoft launches new platform to bring its cloud to space

by • 1 year ago

Microsoft's Azure goes to space with new cloud capabilities designing to link ground stations and satellites, all while aiming to increase connectivity on Earth.