milCloud 2.0

Getting more from AI and ML workloads with milCloud 2.0

by • 4 weeks ago

DOD agencies and their partners can move on their advanced technology workloads quickly by taking advantage of a fit-for-purpose cloud that lowers cost barriers.

A simpler, faster way for DOD agencies to acquire cloud services

by • 3 months ago

milCloud 2.0 gives DOD agencies and program leaders a fast-track way to launch cloud services.

Final version of NDAA provides air cover for JEDI, MilCloud 2.0

by • 8 months ago

Authorization to fund the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, however, is trending in a different direction.

DOD needs your help migrating agencies to milCloud 2.0

by • 2 years ago

DISA wants a contractor to help it save time and money moving agencies to milCloud2.0.

DOD defends its decision to move to commercial cloud with a single award

by • 2 years ago

The Pentagon's stance is that multiple awards would make the JEDI project too complex and too risky.

DISA grants milCloud 2.0 provisional authority to host highly sensitive data

by • 2 years ago

Department of Defense components will now be able to use the agency’s newest cloud computing infrastructure on a provisional basis.

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