Open source gives agencies long-term cloud flexibility

by • 2 months ago

The rapid growth of open source solutions is helping federal agencies preserve long-term flexibility as they move into multicloud environments.

Education Department reducing cloud skills needed through consolidation

by • 3 months ago

The more cloud services an agency has, the more skills employees need to manage the multi-cloud environment.

Library of Congress plots $150M multi-cloud acquisition for legislative branch

by • 7 months ago

While the contract is developed primarily for Library of Congress offices, it will also be made available to all legislative agencies.

Bridging legacy and cloud IT into one operating environment

by • 8 months ago

How federal agencies can achieve a more seamless and secure multi-cloud operating environment for their applications, no matter where they reside.

NSA plots the evolution of GovCloud in new acquisition

by • 10 months ago

Intelligence Community CIO John Sherman debuted NSA's Hybrid Compute Initiative (HCI) as an "evolution" of the agency's current GovCloud environment.

Michael Dell: In the age of distributed cloud and big data, integration is key

by • 1 year ago

"It is a multi-cloud world and data is everywhere and all of these technologies have to come together," Dell says. "And this is really the most important work we can do because the world is being transformed digitally."

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