OPM pushes for IT modernization working capital fund

by • 1 month ago

In response to a report from NAPA, OPM says it will 'prioritize IT modernization and seek funding from Congress.'

Gov Actually Episode 36: The biggest challenges facing America’s governments

by • 2 years ago

Terry Gerton, president of the National Academy of Public Administration, joins Gov Actually to discuss her academy's new Grand Challenges.

Report to Congress: You have (most of) the tech capacity you need

by • 2 years ago

Congress' best avenue toward increased science and technology capacity lies in enhancing the capabilities of the advisers it already has , according to a new report.

What’s next for the IT-heavy President’s Management Agenda?

by • 3 years ago

The President's Management Agenda is a year old — now it's time to scale the early success, those in charge said.