National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOAA partners with 3 big cloud providers to disperse environmental data

by Dave Nyczepir • 4 weeks ago

The data now available can be used by researchers to predict and respond to natural disasters in real time or forecast retail sales.

NOAA accelerating cloud migration with $144M BPA

by Dave Nyczepir • 2 months ago

The agency will use the CloudForte IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solution from Unisys, an IT company it's done cloud work with before.

AWS wants to help agencies tame their satellite data with Ground Station

by Billy Mitchell • 1 year ago

The new offering gives customers a new option in the cloud to more efficiently bridge the gap between the growing volume of satellite-produced data and the applications that operationalize that data on Earth.

With new NOAA satellite will come enhanced weather data

by Samantha Ehlinger • 3 years ago

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s new satellite is scheduled to launch in a month, providing an upgrade officials say will offer more frequent and better data than its predecessors.

NOAA’s satellite ground system faces 1,200 vulnerabilities

by Samantha Ehlinger • 4 years ago

More than 1,000 information security vulnerabilities are still a problem for a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellite ground system, a congressional watchdog said Thursday.

NASA, NOAA team up for drone-led hurricane research

by Greg Otto • 4 years ago

NASA’s remotely piloted Global Hawk aircraft will begin flights this week in support of a NOAA-led mission to improve hurricane tracking and intensity forecasts.

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