Air Force taps AT&T 5G to boost network services at 3 bases

by • 1 week ago

The Air Force is bringing 5G testing to its push for enterprise-IT-as-a-service, hoping the tech will enable greater networking on bases.

How agencies can meet the surges in network demands

by • 5 months ago

The current work environment is prioritizing cloud-enabled collaboration tools for agencies, but without the network tools and bandwidth needed, says IT expert.

Why agency investments in network infrastructure remain key to modernization

by • 6 months ago

IT industry veteran Dave Young discusses ways agencies can modernize faster and more securely by updating their infrastructure.

CenturyLink’s Dave Young talks early success under EIS, and what’s next

by • 8 months ago

Young described how CenturyLink is looking for agencies that are ready to use EIS as an opportunity to transform its networks and provide the basis for large-scale modernization.

Air Force’s shift to multi-domain operations depends on networks

by • 1 year ago

The future of battle in multi-domain operations "will depend less on discrete warfighting platforms and more on the networks, data and IT infrastructure that binds them all together," acting Secretary Matt Donovan said.

Is TIC 3.0 slowing down agency EIS adoption?

by • 1 year ago

Some agencies have delayed their move to EIS, saying they're hesitant to do so until TIC 3.0 final policy is issued.

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