Office of Technology Assessment

Select Committee to Modernize Congress will return next term


The Select Committee to Modernize Congress will have another two years to try to bring the legislative branch into the 21st century.

AI Caucus could help generate support for much-needed legislation


Rep. Jerry McNerney believes educating Congress could pave the way for bills like his AI in Government Act of 2020.

For Congress, tech assessment is best done on two tracks, new paper says


A new paper from Harvard's Ash Center says that an existing GAO shop should continue to look closely at federal R&D and acquisitions, while a new office would handle more policy-oriented work.

2019 in review: The year in building tech capacity on Capitol Hill


The past year featured broad agreement that Congress must do something to increase its tech-savvy.

Report to Congress: You have (most of) the tech capacity you need


Congress' best avenue toward increased science and technology capacity lies in enhancing the capabilities of the advisers it already has , according to a new report.

While the Office of Technology Assessment awaits comeback, lawmakers already have tweaks for it


Bipartisan, bicameral legislation would make tweaks to OTA's existing statute to make the office more "accessible" and "responsive to Members' needs."