VA giving ‘insufficient’ training on electronic health records, IG warns

by • 5 months ago

Another IG report says that initial costs for the VA's health records modernization program were underestimated.

Agencies urged to improve quality of spending data despite ‘higher’ ratings

by • 1 year ago

The DATA Act ordered 51 OIGs to evaluate how agencies are handling spending data. Thirty-seven of them gave good marks.

DHS’s ability to counter drones is ‘limited’ because the office in charge didn’t request funding

by • 1 year ago

Without money, the Office of Policy couldn't hire the subject matter experts it needed to create a realistic work plan and complete guidance for authorized agencies.

OPM clashes with IG on cyber posture

by • 3 years ago

OPM’s relationship with its inspector general has gone from a difference of opinion to a heated schism on the subject of IT security in its latest audit.

CTO Evan Lee on lessons learned with cloud modernization

by • 3 years ago

Lee from HHS’s Inspector General office says to avoid one-size-fits-all solutions to cloud platforms and learn how to pick those that match business needs.

GSA failed to inform breach victims for 2 years, IG says

by • 3 years ago

The report found that agency officials failed to inform federal employees that their information was exposed in a breach for more than 800 days.