VA electronic health record system hit with further outages at Walla Walla site

by • 4 weeks ago

VA and Cerner executives told lawmakers Tuesday that the system went down on Monday for about 127 minutes.

Watchdog says VA violated Federal Acquisition Regulation with electronic health records contract payments

by • 4 weeks ago

The department’s inspector general says the VA in at least one case paid for work without verifying deliverables.

VA giving ‘insufficient’ training on electronic health records, IG warns

by • 11 months ago

Another IG report says that initial costs for the VA's health records modernization program were underestimated.

Agencies urged to improve quality of spending data despite ‘higher’ ratings

by • 2 years ago

The DATA Act ordered 51 OIGs to evaluate how agencies are handling spending data. Thirty-seven of them gave good marks.

DHS’s ability to counter drones is ‘limited’ because the office in charge didn’t request funding

by • 2 years ago

Without money, the Office of Policy couldn't hire the subject matter experts it needed to create a realistic work plan and complete guidance for authorized agencies.

OPM clashes with IG on cyber posture

by • 4 years ago

OPM’s relationship with its inspector general has gone from a difference of opinion to a heated schism on the subject of IT security in its latest audit.