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White House missing opportunity to modernize federal websites, think tank says

by Billy Mitchell • 2 months ago

ITIF thinks the Office of American Innovation should take a deeper look at .gov website performance and security as part of its modernization efforts.

Moving to shared services retains appeal, but it’s still ‘hard,’ officials say

by Billy Mitchell • 4 months ago

"Everybody's talking about shared services, and everybody has identified this as what I think is a key tool to being able to achieve this outcome of a more efficient government. But it's hard," said Beth Angerman.

White House pledges support to spending bill without Tech Modernization Fund

by Billy Mitchell • 5 months ago

The legislation would get the president's signature even though it "does not include $228 million requested for the TMF to retire and replace antiquated legacy information technology (IT) systems."

White House issues long-awaited IT modernization report

by Billy Mitchell • 5 months ago

The report lays out "the current and envisioned state of Federal IT, and it provides specific recommendations to jumpstart a new wave of modernization efforts."

How open data fuels key business sectors

by Joel Gurin • 5 months ago

The businesses at a recent OMB open data roundtable saw several ways the federal government can make open data more available and actionable.

Open data for economic growth: A priority for the Trump administration

by Joel Gurin • 5 months ago

The Center for Open Data Enterprise's Joel Gurin recaps the Roundtable on Open Data for Economic Growth with OMB.