Investing in the future now: Building digital infrastructure for the next generation

by • 2 weeks ago

Aaron Newman, founder of CloudCheckr and a board member of the Alliance for Digital Innovation, says America must look to its past to understand the need for investment in its digital infrastructure.

How to put the U.S. back at the helm of AI innovation

by • 1 year ago

In this op-ed, Intel's David Hoffman explains why AI promises major economic and societal benefits that the U.S. would be foolish to forfeit.

Pentagon’s 2019 IT budget appropriations target cyber, AI and new organizations

by • 1 year ago

The immixGroup team takes a closer look at some of the top drivers for the department’s IT budget for fiscal 2019.

Make the most of your cybersecurity capabilities before investing in more

by • 1 year ago

Red Hat's Dave Egts explains how agencies can optimize their stack to make the most out of the technology they already have and strengthen their security posture.

Who are the people in your neighborhood? Building blocks for implementing UX/UI in agencies

by • 1 year ago

There are several building blocks that can help improve UX and UI on an agency’s website, including persona mapping and analytics, in addition to being conscious of mission-focused messaging.

What’s UX, what’s UI and what’s the hype?

by • 2 years ago

Op-Ed: While you cannot have good UI without UX—and vice versa—they are not the same, and they are both critical in the government's push to become more digital.

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