Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL)

FedRAMP just automated checking security authorization packages for completeness

by • 3 months ago

Cloud vendors should be able to get their hands on the XML-automated validations next week.

Agency reuse of FedRAMP-approved cloud products climbs with automation

by • 3 months ago

Also: an update on the fate of the FedRAMP Authorization Act in the Senate

FEMA working to clarify cyber controls

by • 8 months ago

Only then can the agency use automation for compliance, according to its CTO.

FedRAMP cloud security requirements under revision

by • 11 months ago

The program management offices is aligning security impact levels with new NIST guidance on security and privacy controls.

Agency reuse of cloud services on the rise during pandemic

by • 1 year ago

FedRAMP has proven critical to agencies like the State Department that are increasing their reliance on the cloud to operate in a time of telework.

TTS director shares plans to automate, improve FedRAMP

by • 2 years ago

The Center for Cybersecurity Policy and Law released recommendations to streamline the program that Anil Cheriyan said is agency will consider.