Opioid epidemic

Better data could help fight the opioid crisis, says DOJ IG

by • 3 years ago

A lack of complete and timely data is making it difficult for the agency to track trends in opioid diversion.

DHS’s opioid detection challenge yields 8 finalists

by • 3 years ago

Could measuring how X-rays are diffracted when they pass through a parcel help find illicit drugs?

DHS launches $1.5 million opioid detection challenge

by • 3 years ago

The goal is to find new tools and technologies that can help find opioids in the mail.

HHS roundtable highlights priorities for applying data to the opioid crisis

by • 4 years ago

Joel Gurin and Katarin Rebello of CODE highlight the key findings of a recent HHS roundtable on open data and the opioid crisis.