OIG pans OPM’s most recent IT modernization plan

by Carten Cordell • 2 months ago

The OPM inspector general's new report that the agency’s plan to update its IT infrastructure does not include key budget and security information.

Security clearances process added to GAO list of high-risk programs

by Zaid Shoorbajee • 3 months ago

A big backlog of background checks and problems with IT security are among the key reasons for the decision, GAO said.

IG slams OPM cybersecurity for continued deficiencies years after breaches

by Billy Mitchell • 6 months ago

In total, OPM received a score of 2 from the IG out of a possible 5 for its cybersecurity maturity level in this latest report.

Cybersecurity remains a major focus at the top of OPM

by Billy Mitchell • 6 months ago

Jeff Pon spent much of his nomination hearing Wednesday answering questions about the state of OPM's cybersecurity.

OPM quickly hires new CIO, David Garcia

by Billy Mitchell • 7 months ago

Garcia steps into the role less just than a month since Dave DeVries retired from federal service, moving to Michigan as the state's CIO.

White House pledges support to spending bill without Tech Modernization Fund

by Billy Mitchell • 8 months ago

The legislation would get the president's signature even though it "does not include $228 million requested for the TMF to retire and replace antiquated legacy information technology (IT) systems."