Palo Alto Networks

What SolarWinds revealed about the gaps in enterprise IT security

by • 1 month ago

Palo Alto Networks’ public sector SVP Dana Barnes talks about lessons learned from Solar Winds and the key components needed now to building a more secure IT environment.

Why the economic pendulum is swinging in favor of managed services

by • 10 months ago

Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report pegs managed services as key factor for making big reductions in threat-discovery time and augmenting workforce.

Thinking strategically: zero trust is a long game

by • 1 year ago

How agencies can take an incremental approach to create a zero-trust architecture strategy.

The case for zero-trust networks

by • 4 years ago

The creator behind the zero-trust network model, John Kindervag, talks about why “trust” has become a vulnerability that needs to be mitigated like other vulnerabilities and where to start.

New report unearths the expertise in Russian hackers’ code

by • 5 years ago

​Hackers from an advanced persistent threat group linked to Russian intelligence recently created a malware tool that takes advantage of a bug in a popular security program — illustrating the care that professional hackers take to evade detection.