Microsoft: ‘We respect and accept’ DOD decision to move on from JEDI

by • 4 weeks ago

AWS also says that it understands and agrees with the government's decision to scrap the contract.

Sen. Warner: Pentagon tech spending should be ‘reexamined’ post-COVID

by • 9 months ago

Defense funding will likely be curtailed to address federal deficit increases, at a time when when investments in cybersecurity and 5G are needed to compete with China, the Virginia senator said.

Pentagon actively working to combat adversarial AI

by • 9 months ago

The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center wants data and model sharing to generate a manifest protecting against attempts to sabotage algorithms.

CISA’s Krebs: The US will win 5G race because ‘we own the cloud space’

by • 9 months ago

"Really, when you think about the advantage of 5G, it's all about moving data ... which really translates to cloud," the CISA director says. "And who does cloud better than the United States of America?"

DHS considering CMMC supply chain applications

by • 9 months ago

The department has begun working with vendors to ensure they understand required supply chain controls and are using components and equipment they're comfortable with.

FAA seeks 4 airports to test drone detection and mitigation technology

by • 10 months ago

The new Airport UAS Detection and Mitigation Program will pave the way for such technology at all airports.