Peter Ranks

DARPA wants a new way to upgrade old code and decouple it from hardware

by • 3 months ago

Sometimes a crucial piece of software is only meant to work on one type of hardware. The DOD wants to eliminate those situations.

Modernization is about “pursuit of advantage ” for DOD, says Peter Ranks

by • 7 months ago

Ranks in this exclusive interview describes the impacts of IT modernization on the warfighter and much more.

DOD needs to ‘decouple’ hardware and software, deputy CIO says

by • 8 months ago

The DOD needs to "decouple" software and hardware development to be able to update the capabilities of systems faster, said Peter Ranks, thee Pentagon's deputy CIO for information enterprise.

With JEDI awarded, DOD turns to modernizing software development

by • 12 months ago

“We want software that can adjust to changing requirements or the changing dynamics of the battlefield more quickly — that is what’s driving our cloud strategy," said a deputy CIO at the Pentagon.

DOD takes early steps in implementing software acquisition recommendations

by • 1 year ago

Three senior leaders — Stacy Cummings, Peter Ranks and Jose Gonzalez — will be responsible for work in each of the four "lines of effort" identified by the SWAP study.

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