Leaning on open source and a community of trusted developers

by • 6 days ago

Open source solutions are giving agencies increasing ability to adopt new technologies quickly, at lower costs.

CMMC — a platform approach aids approval process for DOD contractors

by • 2 weeks ago

Defense contractors seeking Pentagon work now must certify their cybersecurity posture. Using certified infrastructure offers one path toward faster approvals.

Newer chip designs can put legacy systems on par with the cloud

by • 2 weeks ago

Recent improvements in microprocessor efficiency can bring greater computing power to the network’s edge and revitalize performance inside agency data centers.

Getting more from AI and ML workloads with milCloud 2.0

by • 3 weeks ago

DOD agencies and their partners can move on their advanced technology workloads quickly by taking advantage of a fit-for-purpose cloud that lowers cost barriers.

The limits of VPNs elevate the importance of zero trust

by • 4 weeks ago

The challenge of providing secure VPN tunnels to remote workers at scale illustrates why zero-trust security controls offer a smarter option.

How agencies can improve online services using open source

by • 1 month ago

Open source solutions are helping agencies stand up new and improved digital services faster and at lower costs.

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