A simpler, faster way for DOD agencies to acquire cloud services

by • 1 week ago

milCloud 2.0 gives DOD agencies and program leaders a fast-track way to launch cloud services.

Meeting a crisis head-on by refocusing IT service priorities

by • 3 weeks ago

IT administrators have a window of opportunity to gain wider buy-in for simpler, more adaptable solutions to meet agency needs.

Building resiliency in government services with open source

by • 3 weeks ago

SUSE CEO Melissa Di Donato shares how open source strategies help IT leaders operate to preserve flexibility for IT investments over the long term.

Short-term steps for agencies to implement zero-trust architecture

by • 4 weeks ago

IT veteran Jim Richberg shares practical steps agency leaders can take to start building a zero-trust security environment.

Taking a fresh look at security for the remote workforce

by • 1 month ago

As agencies adjust to long-term teleworking, IT departments need to keep on top of network modeling and cyber-hygiene practices to keep remote workers secure.

How agencies can meet the surges in network demands

by • 1 month ago

The current work environment is prioritizing cloud-enabled collaboration tools for agencies, but without the network tools and bandwidth needed, says IT expert.

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