AI Bill of Rights must be accompanied by NIST risk management framework say experts


Bias and privacy risks associated with the technology can't be properly identified until NIST completes much-awaited impact assessments.

Consolidating federal software contracts; Global events and DIU’s mission


Former Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy Angela Styles; DIU Acting Director Mike Madsen.

Bill to consolidate federal agency software contracts expected to progress in Senate


If enacted, SAMOSAA would compel federal agencies to purchase unlimited software contracts and require greater product interoperability among Big Tech companies providing services to government.

New FITARA Scorecard; Streamlining tech acquisition across government


GAO’s Director of IT and Cybersecurity Carol Harris and Executive Director of the IBM Center for The Business of Government Dan Chenok.

Senators warn of insufficiencies in US hypersonic testing infrastructure


The SASC version of the 2023 defense policy bill includes proposals and would mandate funding to address the evolving challenge.

USCIS zero trust journey; DEIA in federal acquisition; Public-private partnerships advancing cybersecurity


USCIS CISO Shane Barney; former National Intelligence Member for Cyber at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence Jim Richberg; former Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy Angela Styles.