Public Safety

Three recommendations to strengthen agency crisis management plans

by • 3 years ago

During a crisis, clear communication and situational awareness is key. Pairing modern software tools with organizational processes will help agencies protect their workforce.

How agencies can deliver the right alerts, to the right employees, during emergencies

by • 3 years ago

Cloud-based tools are giving agency leaders better situational awareness during critical events to keep dispersed employees safe and informed.

Keeping the workforce safe and informed during critical events, with cloud-based tools

by • 3 years ago

Software tools can improve how leaders communicate with employees during emergencies and other events as agencies adapt to an increasingly mobile workforce.

Tests of wildfire-tracking AI are just months away, JAIC says

by • 3 years ago

The goal is to produce hourly updates to crews instead of the daily wildfire maps that are the current standard.

NIST’s new public-safety tech challenge comes with $2.2 million in potential prizes

by • 3 years ago

The challenge will include 10 in-person coding events in 10 cities across the country this fall.

Microsoft brings Azure Government to the ‘tactical edge’

by • 3 years ago

Microsoft's new products will bring the Azure Government cloud to austere, connectivity-limited environments.