research and development

Agencies failing to review research grant applications within required timeframe, says GAO


Several agencies are taking longer than required to notify successful small business applicants of an award.

Biden taps Nickolas Guertin to be Navy’s acquisition chief


Guertin is currently the director of operational test and evaluation of U.S. military weapon systems in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

FAA evaluates unique laser-blocking eyewear developed by Air Force Research Lab


Lab officials expect first-round assessments from the FAA soon.

Exiting DIU director urges Pentagon to refresh how it adopts commercial tech for future wars


The Defense Innovation Unit has enabled a number of technologies that are now being put to use in Ukraine.

DHS agrees new cybersecurity R&D partnership with Israel


The initiative will provide $1.5M grants to startups working on infrastructure cyber resilience.

New intel program will tap AI to help personnel ‘walk through’ unfamiliar areas before they arrive


FedScoop got a preview of a new 42-month research program that kicks off this week.