DHS agrees new cybersecurity R&D partnership with Israel


The initiative will provide $1.5M grants to startups working on infrastructure cyber resilience.

Fitbit to study how to detect COVID-19 in soldiers before symptoms appear


The electronics company is part of the military's latest project on determining if it's possible to know if personnel have been infected before they start to show symptoms.

New unmanned systems program at NOAA will focus on cybersecurity, acquisition process


While use of "UxS" vehicles by air and sea isn't new, NOAA's reliance on them has increased tenfold since 2012.

Federal R&D spending on AI should be doubled, then doubled again, commission says


The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence calls for an immediate doubling of funding for non-defense R&D around AI starting next fiscal year, and then again in fiscal 2022.

DARPA wants to build AI that can be a true teammate


A new research project called Artificial Social Intelligence for Successful Teams (ASIST) holds the immodest goal of figuring out how to imbue machines with social intelligence.

IARPA hires Catherine Marsh as its next director


Marsh was the agency's deputy director from 2013 to 2015, and since had been working at the CIA.