Rob Portman

Senators call for new measures to validate online comments on agency proposals

by • 2 days ago

Between 5% and 30% of people denied making the comments tied to their emails across 10 agencies surveyed by GAO.

Cybersecurity and IT top GAO’s High Risk List, yet again

by • 7 months ago

Leadership commitment to national cybersecurity regressed, in large part due to the lack of a comprehensive National Cyber Strategy or national cyber director.

Senate bill would modernize government response to agency cyberattacks

by • 9 months ago

A new bill would set requirements for agencies to report cybersecurity breaches to Congress and impacted people.

Congressional staff lay out possible AI agenda for next term

by • 10 months ago

The 117th Congress should focus on furthering artificial intelligence transparency, continuing industry partnership and ensuring agency funding for AI projects.

IT Centers of Excellence program is signed into law

by • 10 months ago

The legislation codifies an IT modernization program that the General Services Administration already has been investing in.

Use of a cyber risk framework would be mandatory for agencies under Senate bill

by • 12 months ago

The Office of Management and Budget has avoided issuing guidance absent legislation, so as not to choose one framework over another.