Rob Portman

Senators propose open source software risk framework in new bill


The legislation would require CISA to develop a new cybersecurity framework for agencies and critical infrastructure owners and operators.

China allegedly tapped computers and phones of Fed employee, Sen. Portman says in report


Lawmakers say the Fed must do more to secure its systems from overseas interference.

Senate lawmakers propose combining cyber incident reporting, FedRAMP and FISMA legislation


The new legislation would require infrastructure owners and operators and civilian federal agencies to report substantial cyberattacks to CISA.

Legislation to improve federal workforce understanding of AI passes Senate


The bill is a response to concerns about the impact of improper use of the technology by government.

Senators look to expand streamlined permitting to national security technology sectors


Semiconductors, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, quantum information science, and cybersecurity are among the technologies that would be covered.

Lawmakers introduce bill to increase oversight of federal contractors’ use of AI


If enacted, the legislation would give the Office of Management and Budget new oversight responsibilities.