Outgoing White House AI chief: ‘I’m hoping that my legacy is showing how to lead in the development of nonpartisan science’


Lynne Parker explains her focus on finding nonpartisan solutions to reduce potential harms of AI and establishing principled guardrails for the new technology during her time leading the National Artificial Intelligence Office.

The Army wants soldiers to talk with robots, and for the robots to talk back


The dialog system could be critical for multi-domain operations where autonomous systems can receive commands and relay information back to operators.

Build robotic software for the moon with this NASA challenge


The space agency wants autonomous machines to help support long-term space exploration. Among the tasks: capturing resources on the lunar surface.

Federal agencies are very pleased with process robotics — but it’s early days still


"We're in the honeymoon period," GSA's Ed Burrows said at an event Tuesday. So what comes next?

How NASA’s Shared Services Center is using process robotics


NASA's advice for other agencies looking to adopt robotics? Start small.

NASA crowdsourcing design of robotic arm


The community of 17 million users of the crowdsourcing market place​ have a unique chance to help design part of a NASA robot for the International Space Station, the site announced this week.