Ron Wyden

Senators want answers on State Department’s lack of multi-factor authentication

by FedScoop Staff • 5 months ago

State uses enhanced authentication on just 11 percent of required agency devices, according to reports.

CIO Dana Deasy sets plan to secure DOD websites

by Billy Mitchell • 7 months ago

DOD has been working to bring trust certificates and encryption across its public domains up to speed with industry standards for the past two to three years, Deasy wrote in a July 20 letter.

Pentagon websites must catch up on HTTPS, Wyden says

by FedScoop Staff • 9 months ago

Wyden wants new DOD CIO Dana Deasy to make it a priority in the next two months to bring lagging Pentagon web page security up to speed.

Two senators say CBP can’t detect if passport chips are tampered with

by Zaid Shoorbajee • 12 months ago

Sens. Ron Wyden and Claire McCaskill say there are weaknesses in CBP's ability to authenticate the electronic RFID chips in U.S. passports.

DHS to scan agencies for use of spoof email protections

by FedScoop Staff • 1 year ago

The department “is actively assessing the state of email security and authentication technologies … across the federal government,” to include DMARC.

Lawmaker pushes DHS to adopt secure email authentication protocol

by Billy Mitchell • 2 years ago

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., sent a letter to Department of Homeland Security acting Deputy Undersecretary of Cybersecurity Jeanette Manfra urging for the adoption of Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance.

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