Air Force assessing information warfare lessons from Ukraine-Russia conflict


There will be further analysis on what the value of cyber and the intelligence enterprise was and how that can be applied in the Pacific.

Hicks says Pentagon has different employment strategy for hypersonics than China, Russia


The weapons are anticipated to provide military advantage in the next era of warfare, prompting a sharp focus and major investments from America, China, Russia and others in recent years. 

Army lesson from Ukraine war: cyber, EW capabilities not decisive on their own


The Army has observed from operations in Ukraine that cyber and electronic warfare alone aren't enough to be decisive in conflict.

Exiting DIU director urges Pentagon to refresh how it adopts commercial tech for future wars


The Defense Innovation Unit has enabled a number of technologies that are now being put to use in Ukraine.

FAR updates that would mandate cyber incident reporting for contractors a year or more away


OMB has submitted two proposals for updating contract language to the FAR Council.

Satellite communications seeing an ‘explosion of activity’ during Ukraine war


The war in Ukraine has boosted the demand for military and civilian satcom, according to a U.S. European Command IT official.