Sarah Zabel

Air Force looks to rapidly develop software with Project Kessel Run

by • 4 years ago

For the new team within the Air Force, launching a new software product takes just a handful of months, not years.

Maj. Gen. Sarah Zabel

by • 4 years ago

Director of Information Technology Acquisition Process Development, Air Force

For feds, DevOps raises cyber questions

by • 6 years ago

DevOps, the trendy management philosophy that aims at developing and deploying software more rapidly, raises important, even "philosophical," questions about the role of cybersecurity in a government agency, two officials said Tuesday.

Cyber intelligence: More isn’t always better, warn officials

by • 6 years ago

When it comes to cyber intelligence and the newly coined need-to-share it, more isn't necessarily better, civilian and military cyber leaders cautioned Tuesday.

DISA vice director: Mobility goes beyond smartphones

by • 6 years ago

The vice director of the Defense Information Systems Agency wants both the Department of Defense and private industry to move past the idea that mobility is just about smartphones and encompasses everything from Google docs to F-16s.