Geomagnetic storm expected to pass with minimal impact on agencies’ satellites, comms


The Space Weather Prediction Center expected moderate conditions at worst from the storm as of 10:11 a.m. EST.

NOAA looks to improve satellite data availability, manage services with industry


The agency is looking for a more agile information system to process data gathered by the National Weather Service.

Air Force Research Lab seeks new algorithms to enhance space situational awareness


AFRL is soliciting white papers for new machine learning and high-tech computing capabilities that could improve the U.S. military’s situational awareness of potential threats in the space domain.

NRO, Air and Space Forces jointly investigating how to improve space-based ISR


The organizations are expanding cooperation to better confront modern challenges.

SpaceWERX explores machine learning for on-orbit servicing, manufacturing


A newly awarded SBIR project could enable use cases spanning satellite life extension, active debris removal, predictive maintenance, and more.

Space Development Agency awards $1.3B for hypersonic missile-tracking satellites


Part of a larger constellation of hundreds of space-based devices, the systems are intended to help the military track next-generation threats.