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Federal telework has ‘some barriers’ to success, GAO says

by Evan Fallor • 1 month ago

The Government Accountability Office recently made recommendations to four federal agencies that it said would improve telework agreements and data reporting among the federal government's growing number of remote workers.

SEC moves closer to requiring open format for company filings

by Evan Fallor • 2 months ago

The SEC this week voted for a rule change requiring public companies to file financial statements with an open format known as Inline XBRL.

Former U.S. intel leaders warn that legal action against Yahoo will hurt FBI cyber efforts

by Chris Bing • 7 months ago

U.S. regulators would be wise to avoid most data breach lawsuits against victimized U.S. companies like Yahoo because of the damaging president it can set, according to a panel of former U.S. intelligence leaders who spoke at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s annual cybersecurity summit, Tuesday.

Startup investors are looking to hackers for help on smart bets

by Chris Bing • 7 months ago

When a rapidly growing startup approaches a private equity firm in hopes of raising money, its founders typically come bearing a powerpoint with information regarding a revenue forecast, tech development plan and a go-to-market strategy, among other things. But today, investors are also becoming increasingly interested in the cybersecurity posture of their portfolio companies and that of the entrepreneurs pitching them for millions of dollars in funding, a group of security experts and investors told FedScoop.

Regulators call planned SEC financial database a ‘treasure trove’ for hackers

by Chris Bing • 9 months ago

SEC CAT NMS financial database prompts cybersecurity fears from SROs, NYSE

SEC hires first cybersecurity adviser

by Jeremy Snow • 11 months ago

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