Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress

Congressman reminds everyone about potential to do legislative work remotely

by • 9 months ago

Rep. Eric Swalwell is reintroducing a bill that would "mandate the development of a secure remote voting system" for use in the House, but only on noncontroversial legislation.

For Congress, tech assessment is best done on two tracks, new paper says

by • 10 months ago

A new paper from Harvard's Ash Center says that an existing GAO shop should continue to look closely at federal R&D and acquisitions, while a new office would handle more policy-oriented work.

2019 in review: The year in building tech capacity on Capitol Hill

by • 11 months ago

The past year featured broad agreement that Congress must do something to increase its tech-savvy.

Committee on modernizing Congress knows what it wants from the House

by • 12 months ago

Members of the panel have put dozens of recommendations into a resolution and are preparing it for a vote.

The Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress gets another year

by • 1 year ago

The popular group will now continue its work through the end of the 116th Congress.

Resurrection of congressional tech office gets another stamp of approval

by and • 1 year ago

The Office of Technology Assessment gets another boost from a list of recommendations on upgrading the House's technology.

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