Biden, visiting Javelin missile factory, urges Congress to pass CHIPS semiconductor funding

by • 3 weeks ago

The CHIPS Act is intended to boost domestic production of semiconductors that are critical for U.S. military systems and a wide variety of commercial products.

Pentagon makes $117M investment to boost domestic manufacturing of critical microelectronics

by • 3 weeks ago

GlobalFoundries will transfer its 45-nanometer silicon-on-insulator (SOI) semiconductor manufacturing process.

NSF tech directorate tasked with boosting U.S. competitiveness needs congressional funding

by • 2 months ago

National Science Foundation Director Sethuraman Panchanathan tells FedScoop that the agency's new Technology, Innovation and Partnerships Directorate has strong bipartisan support.

Pentagon planning innovation hubs to boost microelectronics development

by • 3 months ago

The DOD wants to create a Microelectronics Commons to kickstart the domestic development of the chips it uses for critical technologies and weapons systems.

Biden administration looking to coordinate federal investment in critical tech

by • 4 months ago

Policy advisor Sree Ramaswamy says some areas deemed critical such as semiconductors will be fast-tracked.

Lagging hardware could hinder US quantum ambitions

by • 8 months ago

Tech companies pushed for increased federal investment in manufacturing the hardware necessary for quantum computing at a White House summit Tuesday.