Sharon Woods

Edge Computing Worldwide; Identity Management in Motion; Cloud Computing in DoD

by • 3 days ago

State Department's Brian Merrick, Commerce CIO Andre Mendes and DISA's Sharon Woods are featured on a new episode of the podcast.

DISA’s Sharon Woods on using multiple vendors for multi-cloud strategy

by • 2 weeks ago

FedScoop speaks with DISA's Sharon Woods at the Public Sector Innovation Summit.

DOD multi-cloud solutions; “Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations”; Taking a look at the defense acquisition process

by • 2 weeks ago

Professional Services Council’s David Berteau, Rear Adm. Jamie Barnett (USN, ret.) and DISA’s Sharon Woods.

2021 in review: Out with JEDI, in with JWCC

by • 5 months ago

After years of protests and failing to launch its landmark cloud program, the DOD in July took matters into its own hands, canceling JEDI.

DISA’s new HaCC office reflects hybrid cloud reality for DOD

by • 5 months ago

By bringing together its cloud and on-premise data hosting functions, DISA is preparing to embrace the changing nature of hybrid computing.

DISA’s cloud office busts a myth for warfighters; Getting OPM to “yes”

by • 6 months ago

On today’s episode of The Daily Scoop Podcast, the new National Defense Strategy the DoD is working on could include a larger cyber component than it ever has before, OPM’s new Talent Surge Executive Playbook will give agencies tools to hire and keep the employees they need, & a reorganization at DISA is turning out to be a shot in the arm for that agency’s cloud office.