special report

Building a data strategy to improve decisions across lines of business

by • 4 days ago

Agencies like the U.S. Census Bureau are reducing operational costs and improving the security of their data with enterprisewide data strategies and tools, a new report says.

How to address security visibility across multicloud environments

by • 1 week ago

Federal agency security leaders can take advantage of a new suite of automation tools to gain comprehensive cybersecurity awareness, a new report says.

The 6 pillars of zero trust and where to start

by • 1 month ago

A new report highlights how agencies can fast-track their zero-trust security efforts while also outlining a longer-term roadmap for achieving zero-trust maturity.

The key to organizing government data for faster decision-making

by • 2 months ago

Data experts highlight the essential components agencies need to master their data in a multicloud environment for more effective analysis and decision-making.

Bridging legacy and cloud IT into one operating environment

by • 4 months ago

How federal agencies can achieve a more seamless and secure multi-cloud operating environment for their applications, no matter where they reside.

How network modeling and cyber hygiene improve security odds for federal agencies

by • 5 months ago

Modern network modeling platforms will help equip agencies to find and automatically update outdated configuration rules lurking on aging infrastructure.

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