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GDIT’s global CIO talks about keys to ensuring cloud rollouts meet your agency’s mission

by • 3 hours ago

Agencies seeking to capitalize on a portfolio of leading cloud services need to start with the right enterprise architecture and a clear vision of their cloud and data strategy.

CMMC requirements open door to modernize security

by • 1 day ago

New DOD mandates for the defense industrial base create an opportunity to refresh security strategies and mitigate supply chain vulnerabilities.

Social engineering gains momentum with cyber criminals

by • 2 days ago

Public healthcare organizations are increasingly targeted by cyberattacks, prompting security strategies that focus more on people, says IT security expert.

The public sector’s path to modern customer identity and access management

by • 1 week ago

To meet the expectations of users, reduce development time and eliminate potential security gaps, identity is key.

Authentication tools alone will not be enough to secure networks

by • 2 weeks ago

Remote work conditions underlined deficiencies in PIV authentication, and the need for dynamic authentication to improve zero-trust security.

CDO tips for tackling federal data strategy challenges

by • 2 weeks ago

Federal agency chief data officers from the FCC and EEOC share strategies for breaking data challenges into manageable pieces.

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