Uncovered sophisticated spyware forces an iOS update

by • 6 years ago

A secretive, unique and ultimately powerful piece of malware designed to spy on a targets’ iPhone was found lurking on the digital communications of a prominent, Middle Eastern human rights activist, according to Citizen Lab​ who conducted research alongside cybersecurity firm LookOut​.

‘Ghoul’ malware targeting small and medium sized industrial businesses

by • 6 years ago

Security researchers have identified a hacking group targeting small- and mid-sized industrial manufacturers in more than 30 countries, apparently to drain their bank accounts or steal their intellectual property.

Chinese web browser found beaconing back to Beijing

by • 6 years ago

A Chinese-made internet browser, used by millions of web-surfers worldwide, is collecting sensitive data from its users and sending it back in an encrypted zip file disguised as an image, security researchers announced Thursday.